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Number 1, March 2004


Professor Oleg Nikolayevich Bauer 1-2.


Bray Rodney A. and Cribb Thomas H. - Species of Lecithocladium Luhe, 1901 (Digenea, Hemiuridae) from Australian marine fishes, with a description of a new species from various hosts off estern Australia 3-11.
Vilas Roman and Paniagua Esperanza - Estimation of the prevalence of outcrossing in the hermaphrodite trematode Lecithochirium rufoviridae by allozyme analysis 12-15.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Brunanska Magdalena, Poddubnaya Larisa G. and Mackiewicz John S. - Cytochemical and ultrastructural study on vitellogenesis in caryophyllidean cestode Khawia armeniaca (Cholodkovski, 1915) 16-24.
Conn David Bruce, Whittaker Fred H. and Curless Wilbur W. - Scanning electron microscopy of the scolex and neck of the tapeworm Cathetocephalus thatcheri (Cestoda, Tetraphyllidea) from the sandbar shark Carcharhinus plumbeus (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) 25-30.
Moravec Frantisek and Genc Ercument - Redescription of three Philometra spp. (Nematoda, Philometridae) from the gonads of marine perciform fishes of Iskenderun Bay (North-East Mediterranean), Turkey 31-40.
Costa Graca, Pontes Tania, Rego Amilcar Arandas - Prevalence, intensity and abundance of Rhadinorhynchus pristis (Acanthocephala, Rhadinorhynchidae) in chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus (Pisces, Scombridae) from Madeira Island 41-44.
Skoracki Maciej - Quill mites of the genus Syringophilopsis (Acari, Syringophilidae) from passeriform birds of Poland with description of five new species 45-62.
Lareschi Marcela, Ojeda Ricardo and Linardi Pedro M. - Flea parasites of small mammals in the Monte Desert biome in Argentina with new host and locality records 63-66.
Segovia Juan M., Torres Jordi and Miquel Jordi - Helminth parasites of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes L., 1758) in the Iberian Peninsula: an ecological study 67-79.
Szczurek Barbara and Kadulski Slawomir - Ectoparasites on fallow deer, Dama dama (L.) in Pomerania, Poland 80-86.


Gonzalez-Solis David - A new host record for Vasorhabdochona cablei (Nematoda, Rhabdochonidae) in the Pacific coast of Mexico 87-88.
Yoshihara Shinobu - Case report of pathological changes in the liver of guinea pigs infected with the large roundworm Ascaris suum (Goeze, 1782) 89-91.

Number 2, June 2004


Dubey J.P., Lane Emily and Wilpe Erna van - Sarcocystis ramphastosi sp. nov. and Sarcocystis sulfuratusi sp. nov. (Apicomplexa, Sarcocystidae) from the keel-billed toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus) 93-101.
El-Naggar Mohammed M., El-Naggar Ahmed A. and Kearn Graham C. - Swimming in Gyrodactylus rysavyi (Monogenea, Gyrodactylidae) from the Nile catfish, Clarias gariepinus 102-107.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Conn David Bruce, Miquel Jordi and Mlocicki Daniel - Fertilization in the cestode Gallegoides arfaai (Mobedi et Ghadirian, 1977) Tenora et Mas-Coma, 1978 (Cyclophyllidea, Anoplocephalidae) 108-115.
Swiderski Zdzislaw and Mackiewicz John S. - Ultrastructural studies on the cellular orgnisation of the coracidium of the cestode Bothriocephalus clavibothrium Ariola, 1899 (Pseudophyllidea, Bothriocephalidae) 116-139.
Ribas Alexis and Casanova Joan C. - A new whipworm, Trichuris feliui (Nematoda, Trichuridae) from Talpa europaea (Insectivora, Talpidae) 140-144.
Moghaddam Abdoreza S., Massoud Jafar F., Mahmoodi Mahmood, Khoubbane Messaoud, Artigas Patricio, Periago Maria V., Fuentes Marius V., Bargues Maria D. and Mas-Coma Santiago - Distributional outline of lymnaeid snails (Gastropoda) in the fascioliasis endemic area of Mazandaran, Iran 145-152.
Oliva Marcelo E., Castillo Liliana and Sanchez Monique - Metazoan parasites in wild and farmed populations of the scallops, Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819) from northern Chile 153-155.
Costa Garcia, Medeira Ana, Pontes Tania and D'Amelio Stefano - Anisakid nematodes of the blackspot seabream, Pagellus bogaraveo, from Madeiran waters, Portugal 156-161.
Kavetska Katarzyna M., Kalisinska Elzbieta, Kornyushin Vadim V. and Kuzmin Yuriy - Stomach nematodes of wild ducks (subfamily Anatinae) from Northwestern Poland 162-167.
Pascal Michel, Beaucournu Jean-Claude and Lorvelec Olivier - An enigma: the lack of Siphonaptera on wild rats and mice on densely populated tropical islands 168-172


Otranto Domenico and Traversa Donato - Molecular evidence indicating that Przhevalskiana silenus, P. aegagri and P. crossii (Diptera, Oestridae) are one species 173-176.

Number 3, September 2004


Chomicz Lidia and Swiderski Zdzislaw - Functional ultrastructure of the oncospheral envelopes of twelve hymenolepidid species with aquatic life cycles 177-181.
Dlugosz Ewa and Wedrychowicz Halina - Rodent interleukins - their molecular characteristics and a role in immunological responses against parasitic infections 182-189.


Levron Celine, Ternengo Sonia and Marchand Bernard - Spermiogenesis and sperm ultrastructure of Poracanthium furcatum (Digenea, Opecoelidae), a parasite of Mullus surmuletus (Pisces, Teleostei) 190-200.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Miquel Jordi, Agostini Sylvia, Conn David Bruce, Chomicz Lidia and Grytner-Ziecina Barbara - Differentiation and ultrastructure of the oncospheral envelopes of the cestode Joyeuxiella echinorhyncoides (Sonsino, 1889) (Cyclophyllidea, Dipylidiidae) 201-216.
Hjorngaard Larsen Anne, Bresciani Jose and Buchmann Kurt - Increasing frequency of cercarial dermatitis at higher latitudes 217-221.
Ondrackova Marketa, Bartosova Sarka, Valova Zdenka, Jurajda Pavel and Gelnar Milan - Occurrence of black-spot disease caused by metacercariae of Posthodiplostomum cuticola among juvenile fishes in water bodies in the Morava River basin 222-227.
Granovitch Andrey I. and Mikhailova Natalia A. - Rocky shore trematodes of the west coast of Sweden: distribution and life cycle strategies 228-236.
Dabert Jacek and Skoracki Maciej - Two new species of the genus Neumannella Trouessart, 1916 (Analgoidea, Dermoglyphidae) from the tataupa tinamou Crypturellus tataupa (Temminck, 1815) (Aves, Tinamiformes) 237-245.
Kilic Abdullah, Tanyuksel Mehmet, Sissons James, Jayasekera Samantha and Khan Naveed A. - Isolation of Acanthamoeba isolates belonging to T2, T3, T4 and T7 genotypes from environmental samples in Ankara, Turkey 246-252.
Srivastava Yashodhara, Gupta Sarika, Pokharel Daya R. and Rathaur Sushma - Setaria cervi collagenase: IgG cleavage and inhibition by Wuchereria bancrofti infected sera 253-259.


Garijo M. Magdalena, Ortiz Juana M., Alonso de Vega Francisco D. and Ruiz de Ybanez Maria R. - First report of Marshallagia dentispicularis from sheep in Europe 260-262.
Jarvis Toivo, Malakauskas Alvydas, Miller Illa and Kapel Christian M.O. - Trichinella spp. in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) of Estonia 263-265.


Koybasioglu Fulya, Arikok Ataturker, Ozturk Evrim and Onal Binnur Uzmez - Fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of a subcutaneous echinococcal cyst 266-267.

Number 4, December 2004


Laakkonen Juha - Hepatozoonosis and trypanosomiasis in Norwegian lemmings, Lemmus lemmus, from Finland 269-271.
Vasilkova Zuzana, Krupicer Ivan, Legath Jaroslav, Kovalkovicova Natalia and Pet'ko Branislav - Coccidiosis of small ruminants in various regions of Slovakia 272-275.
Hadas Edward, Derda Monika, Winiecka-Krusnell Jadwiga and Sulek Anna - Acanthamoeba spp. as vehicles of pathogenic bacteria 276-280.
Vaira Marcos - Population morphological variation of the monogenean Polystoma andinum, parasitic in Melanophryniscus rubriventris (Anura, Bufonidae) 281-291.
Ostrowski de Nunez Margarita, Flores Veronica, Viozzi Gustavo and Kreiter Ana - Stephanoprora uruguayense Holcman-Spector et Olague, 1989 (Digenea, Echinostomatidae) from Argentina, and comments on species of Stephanoprora from birds of the Neotropical Region 292-299.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Salamatin Ruslan V., Grytner-Ziecina Barbara, Kornyushin Vadim V. and Conn David Bruce - Electron microscope study on oncospheral envelope morphogenesis in the dilepidid cestode, Dilepis undula (Schrank, 1788) 300-308.
Moravec Frantisek, Cruz-Lacierda Erlinda R. and Nagasawa Kazuya - Two Procamallanus spp. (Nematoda, Camallanidae) from fishes in the Philippines 309-318.
Moravec Frantisek, Fiala Ivan and Dykova Iva - Philometra thaiensis sp. nov. (Nematoda, Philometridae) from Tetraodon palembangensis and T. fluviatilis (Pisces) from fresh waters in Thailand, with a key to Philometra spp. parasitic in the host's abdominal cavity 319-324.
Rossin Maria A., Timi Juan T. and Malizia Ana I. - Redescription and new host record of Paraspidodera uncinata (Rudolphi, 1819) (Nematoda, Aspidoderidae) from the South American subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum (Rodentia, Octodontidae) 325-331.
Timi Juan T., Etchegoin Jorge A. and Lanfranchi Ana L. - Blias marplatensis sp. nov. (Copepoda, Chondracanthidae) parasitizing Prionotus nudigula (Pisces, Triglidae) from Mar del Plata, Argentina 332-335.
Keskinen Essi and Meyer-Rochow Victor B. - Postembryonic photoreceptor development in the fishlouse Argulus coregoni Thorell, 1865 (Crustacea, Branchiura) 336-347.
Skoracki Maciej and Sikora Bozena - Tinamiphilopsis elegans gen. nov. et sp. nov., a first record of the quill mites (Acari, Syringophilidae) from tinamou birds (Tinamiformes, Tinamidae) 348-352.
Luque Jose L. and Poulin Robert - Use of fish as intermediate hosts by helminth parasites: a comparative analysis 353-361.

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