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Number 1, March 2009


Abreu-Acosta Nestor, Foronda-Rodriguez Pilar, Lopez Mercedes and Valladares BasilioOccurrence of Cryptosporidium hominis in pigeons (Columba livia) 1–5
Yamada Fabio Hideki, Takemoto Ricardo Massato, Bellay Sybelle and Pavanelli Gilberto CezarTwo new species of Sciadicleithrum (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) parasites of Neotropical cichlid fishes from the Parana River, Brazil 6–11
Whittington Ian D. and Kearn Graham C.Two new species of entobdelline skin parasites (Monogenea, Capsalidae) from the blotched fantail ray, Taeniura meyeni, in the Pacific Ocean, with comments on spermatophores and the male copulatory apparatus 12–21
Justine Jean-Lou and Brena Pierpaolo F.Calydiscoides limae sp. nov. (Monogenea, Diplectanidae) from Pentapodus aureofasciatus (Perciformes, Nemipteridae) off New Caledonia 22–27
Podhorsky Martin, Huzova Zuzana, Mikes Libor and Horak PetrCercarial dimensions and surface structures as a tool for species determination of Trichobilharzia spp. 28–36
Lacerda Ana C.F., Takemoto Ricardo M. and Pavanelli Gilberto C.A new trematode species parasitizing the catfish Hoplosternum littorale (Osteichthyes, Callichthyidae) from Parana River, Brazil, with an emendation of the diagnosis of Magnivitellinum (Trematoda, Macroderoididae) 37–40
Bursey Charles R., Goldberg Stephen R. and Bauer A.M.A new species of Falcaustra (Nematoda, Kathlaniidae) from Cnemaspis aff. tropidogaster (Squamata, Gekkonidae) from Sri Lanka 41–44
Timi Juan T., Lanfranchi Ana L., Tavares Luiz E.R. and Luque Jose L.A new species of Dichelyne (Nematoda, Cucullanidae) parasitizing sciaenid fishes from off the South American Atlantic coast 45–52
Dimitrova Zlatka M.Occurrence of cystacanths of Plagiorhynchus cylindraceus (Acanthocephala) in the terrestrial isopods Trachelipus squamuliger and Armadillidium vulgare (Oniscidea) in Bulgaria 53–56
Etchegoin Jorge A., Lanfranchi Ana L. and Timi Juan T.The mesoparasitic copepod Trifur tortuosus Wilson, 1917 (Pennellidae): Redescription with notes on its congeners 57–63
Skoracki Maciej, Flannery Maureen E. and Spicer Greg S.New data on systematics of the quill mites of the genus Syringophiloidus Kethley, 1970 (Acari, Syringophilidae) from North American birds 64–72
Gracenea Mercedes, Gomez Soledad Maria and Torres JordiPrevalence of intestinal parasites in shelter dogs and cats in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (Spain) 73–77


Bullard Stephen A., Jensen Kirsten and Overstreet Robin M.Historical account of the two family-group names in use for the single accepted family comprising the "fish blood flukes" 78–84

Number 2, June 2009


Abdel-Azeem S. Abdel-Baki, Huda M. El-Fayomi, Thabet Sakran and Heba M. Abdel-HaleemEndogenous stages of Choleoeimeria baltrocki (Daszak et Ball, 1991) n. comb. infecting the gall bladder of gold skink, Eumeces schneiderii Daudin, 1802 from Egypt 85-89
Bruno Pereira Berto, Lianna M. C. Balthazar, Walter Flausino and Carlos Wilson Gomes LopesNew isosporoid coccidian parasites of sayaca tanager, Thraupis sayaca, from South America 90-94
Gabriela Failla Siquier and Margarita Ostrowski de Nún~ezLigophorus uruguayense sp. nov. (Monogenea, Ancyrocephalidae), a gill parasite from Mugil platanus (Mugiliformes, Mugilidae) in Uruguay 95-102
Safaa Z. Arafa, Mohammed M. El-Naggar and Samir A. El-AbbassyMode of attachment and histopathological effects of Macrogyrodactylus clarii, a monogenean gill parasite of the catfish Clarias gariepinus, with a report on host response 103-112
Leslie Chisholm and Ian WhittingtonDendromonocotyle urogymni sp. nov. (Monogenea, Monocotylidae) from Urogymnus asperrimus (Elasmobranchii, Dasyatidae) off eastern Australia 113-118
Jean-Lou Justine, Cyndie Dupoux and Thomas H. CribbResolution of the discrepant host-specificity of Pseudorhabdosynochus species (Monogenea, Diplectanidae) from serranid fishes in the tropical Indo-Pacific 119-130
Zdzisław Świderski, Daniel Młocicki, John S. Mackiewicz, Jordi Miquel, Mohammed H. Ibraheem and Magdalena BruňanskáUltrastructure and cytochemistry of vitellogenesis in Wenyonia virilis Woodland, 1923 (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea) 131-142
Gergana P. Vasileva, Stella Redón, Francisco Amat, Pavel N. Nikolov, Marta I. Sánchez, Thomas Lenormand and Boyko B. GeorgievRecords of cysticercoids of Fimbriarioides tadornae Maksimova, 1976 and Branchiopodataenia gvozdevi (Maksimova, 1988) (Cyclophyllidea, Hymenolepididae) from brine shrimps at the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and France, with a key to cestodes from Artemia spp. from the Western Mediterranean 143-150
Bui Thi Dung, Charles R. Bursey and Stephen R. GoldbergA new species of Thelandros (Nematoda, Oxyuroidea, Pharyngodonidae) in Leiolepis reevesi (Sauria, Agamidae) from Vietnam 151-153
Oldřich Sychra, Ivan Literák, Nguyen Manh Hung and Petr PodzemnýChewing lice from wild passerines (Aves, Passeriformes) from Vietnam, with description of a new species of the genus Brueelia (Phthiraptera, Ischnocera, Philopteridae) 154-157
Esra Kellermanns, Sven Klimpel and Harry Wilhelm PalmParasite fauna of the mediterranean grenadier Coryphaenoides mediterraneus (Giglioli, 1893) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) 158-164
Lidia Chomicz, Marcin Padzik, Agnieszka E. Laudy, Mariola Kozłowska, Anna Pietruczuk, Janusz Piekarczyk, Nadine Godineau, Gabriela Olędzka and Zygmunt KazimierczukAnti-Pentatrichomonas hominis activity of newly synthesized benzimidazole derivatives - in vitro studies 165-171
Wei Wang, Hongjun Li, Yousheng Liang and Jianrong DaiEffects of niclosamide on Oncomelania hupensis, the intermediate snail host of Schistosoma japonicum: an enzyme-histochemical study 172-179


Debora Pereira García-Melo, Javier Regidor-Cerrillo, Luis Miguel Ortega-Mora, Esther Collantes-Fernández, Vanessa Silvestre Ferreira de Oliveira, Milton Adriano Pelli de Oliveira and Andrea Caetano da SilvaIsolation and biological characterisation of a new isolate of Neospora caninum from an asymptomatic calf in Brazil 180-185


Zdzisław Świderski and Boyko B. GeorgievKeys to the Trematoda. Volume 3 (Eds. R.A. Bray, D.I. Gibson and A. Jones) CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK and the Natural History Museum, London, 2008, ISBN 978 0 85199 588 5, 824 pp. 186

Number 3, September 2009


Criado-Fornelio Angel, Buling Amelia, Casado Nieves, Gimenez Consuelo, Ruas Jeronimo, Wendt Luciana, Da Rosa-Farias Nara, Pinheiro Max, Rey-Valeiron Catalina and Barba-Carretero Juan CarlosMolecular characterization of arthropod-borne hematozoans in wild mammals from Brazil, Venezuela and Spain 187-193.
Chumpolbanchorn Kamlang, Anankeatikul Pacharaporn, Ratanasak Wantanee, Wiengcharoen Jitbanjong, Thompson R.C. Andrew and Sukthana YaowalarkPrevalence of Toxoplasma gondii indirect fluorescent antibodies in naturally- and experimentally-infected chickens (Gallus domesticus) in Thailand 194-196.
Benedikt Vaclav, Barus Vlastimil, Capek Miroslav, Havlicek Martin and Literak IvanBlood parasites (Haemoproteus and microfilariae) in birds from the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica 197-204.
Barton Diane P., Beaufrere Charles, Justine Jean-Lou and Whittington Ian D.Polyopisthocotylean monogeneans from carangid fishes off Queensland, Australia and New Caledonia, with a description of Heteromicrocotyloides megaspinosus sp. nov. 205-217.
Bray Rodney A. and Justine Jean-LouOpecoelids (Platyhelminthes, Digenea) from the fork-tailed threadfin bream Nemipterus furcosus (Valenciennes, 1830) (Perciformes, Nemipteridae), with preliminary keys to the problematic genera Macvicaria Gibson et Bray, 1982 and Neolebouria Gibson, 1976 218-229.
Miquel Jordi, Świderski Zdzisław, Foronda Pilar, Torres Jordi and Feliu CarlosUltrastructure of spermatogenesis of Taenia taeniaeformis (Batsch, 1786) (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea, Taeniidae) and comparison of spermatological characters in the family Taeniidae Ludwig, 1886 230-243.
Moravec František and De Buron IsaureNew data on three gonad-infecting species of Philometra (Nematoda, Philometridae) from estuarine fishes in South Carolina, USA 244-252.
Costa Graça, Freitas Nélio, Pinheiro de Carvalho Miguel A.A., Melo-Moreira Egberto and Rigby Mark C.Oncophora melanocephala (Nematoda, Camallanidae) from the chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus (Teleostei, Scombridae), caught off Madeira Island (Portugal) 253-256.
Rossin María A., Varela Gabriela and Timi Juan T.Strongyloides myopotami in ctenomyid rodents: Transition from semi-aquatic to subterranean life cycle 257-262.
Bu Yanzhen, Niu Hongxing, Gasser Robin B., Beveridge Ian and Zhang LupingStrongyloid nematodes in the caeca of donkeys in Henan Province, China 263-268.
Bochkov Andre V. and Wauthy GeorgesA review of the genus Listropsoralges (Acari, Psoroptidae) with the descriptions of two new species 269-275.


Eom Ki Seong and Kim Tae YoungMigration of cerebral sparganosis to the ipsilateral cerebellar hemisphere 276-280.


Ball Glyn and Knox Dave P.Vaccination of rats against the rodent hookworm Nippostrongylus brasiliensis with a recombinant superoxide dismutase fails to protect against infection 281-287.


Świderski ZdzisławAcanthamoeba. Biology and Pathogenesis (ED. Naveed Ahmed Khan) Caister Academic Press, Norfolk, UK, 2009, ISBN 978-1-904455-43-1, 290 pp. 288

Number 4, December 2009


Mladineo Ivona, Šegvić Tanja, Bočina Ivana and Grubišić LeonRedescription of Myxidium sphaericum Thélohan, 1895 and Ceratomyxa beloneae Lubat et al., 1989 from the gall bladder of the garpike, Belone belone in the Adriatic Sea 289-294
Zehtindjiev Pavel, Ilieva Mihaela, Križanauskiene Asta, Oparina Olga, Oparin Mihail and Bensch StaffanOccurrence of haemosporidian parasites in the paddyfield warbler, Acrocephalus agricola (Passeriformes, Sylviidae) 295-300
Berto Bruno P., Flausino Walter, Luz Hermes Ribeiro, Ferreira Ildemar and Lopes Carlos Wilson G.Isospora mionectesi sp. nov. (Apicomplexa, Eimeriidae) from the grey-hooded flycatcher, Mionectes rufiventris in Brazil 301-304
Derbel Hela and Neifar LassadAllopodocotyle tunisiensis sp. nov. (Digenea, Opecoelidae), a parasite of Solea aegyptiaca (Teleostei, Soleidae) off Tunisia 305-309
Bray Rodney A., Waeschenbach Andrea, Cribb Thomas H., Weedall Gareth D., Dyal Patricia and Littlewood D.T.J.The phylogeny of the Lepocreadioidea (Platyhelminthes, Digenea) inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial genes: Implications for their systematics and evolution 310-329 ( Electronic supplementary material)
Amarouayache Mounia, Derbal Farid and Kara M. HichemThe parasitism of Flamingolepis liguloides (Gervais, 1847) (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae) in Artemia salina (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) in two saline lakes in Algeria 330-334
Wang Yana, Li Zongji, Li Zhaoyu, Bo Yang and Zhao WeiRecombinant ferritin protects mice against challenge with Echinococcus granulosus? 335-340
Moravec František and Justine Jean-LouTwo cystidicolids (Nematoda, Cystidicolidae) from marine fishes off New Caledonia 341-349
Utevsky Serge Y.A new marine fish leech species of the genus Oceanobdella (Clitellata, Piscicolidae) from coastal waters of Sakhalin Island 350-354
Labruna Marcelo B. and Venzal Jose M.Carios fonsecai sp. nov. (Acari, Argasidae), a bat tick from the central-western region of Brazil 355-363
Głowska Eliza and Skoracki MaciejAnomalous chaetotaxy in the quill mites Torotrogla merulae Skoracki et al., 2000 (Acari, Prostigmata, Syringophilidae) 364-367


Braicovich Paola E., Etchegoin Jorge A. and Timi Juan T.Digenetic trematodes of the Brazilian flathead, Percophis brasiliensis Quoy et Gaimard, 1825 (Percophidae, Perciformes), from Argentinean and Uruguayan waters 368-373
Mutafchiev Yasen, Zehtindjiev Pavel and Georgiev Boyko B.First record of the nematode Aviculariella alcedonis (Yamaguti et Mitunaga, 1943) (Spirurida, Acuariidae) in Europe, with SEM observations and comments on its taxonomic position 374-379
Shakman Esmail, Kinzelbach Ragnar, Trilles Jean Paul and Bariche MichelFirst occurrence of native cymothoids parasites on introduced rabbitfishes in the Mediterranean Sea 380-384