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Number 1, January 2010


Al-Jahdali Mohammed O. and Hassanine Reda M. El-S.Ovarian abnormality in a pathological case caused by Myxidium sp. (Myxozoa, Myxosporea) in onespot snapper fish Lutjanus monostigma (Teleostei, Lutjanidae) from the Red Sea 1–7

Xu Jinshan, Luo Jie, Debrunner-Vossbrinck Bettina, Zhang Xiaoyan, Liu Hangdeng and Zhou ZeyangCharacterization of a transcriptionally active Tc1-like transposon in the microsporidian Nosema bombycis 8–15

Ferrari-Hoeinghaus Ana P., Bellay Sybelle, Takemoto Ricardo M. and Pavanelli Gilberto C.A new species of Demidospermus Suriano, 1983 (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) parasitic on Loricariichthys platymetopon Isbrücker et Nijssen (Loricariidae, Siluriformes) from the Upper Paraná River floodplain, Brazil 16–19

Ziętara Marek S., Rokicka Magdalena, Stojanovski Stojmir and Lumme JaakkoIntrogression of distant mitochondria into the genome of Gyrodactylus salaris: Nuclear and mitochondrial markers are necessary to identify parasite strains 20–28

Guagliardo Silvia E., Schwerdt Carla B., Martorelli Sergio R., Galeano Noelia A. and Tanzola Ruben D.Digenean trematodes of Seriolella porosa (Pisces, Centrolophidae) in San Matías Gulf, Argentina 29–38

Prinz Katrin, Kelly Thomas C., O'Riordan Ruth M. and Culloty Sarah C.Temporal variation in prevalence and cercarial development of Echinostephilla patellae (Digenea, Philophthalmidae) in the intertidal gastropod Patella vulgata 39–44

Bray Rodney A. and Justine Jean-LouPseudopecoelus sosoae sp. nov. and P. sewelli (Digenea, Opecoelidae) from the deep-sea fish Neoscombrops pacificus (Perciformes, Acropomatidae) off New Caledonia 45–52

Bursey Charles R., Goldberg Stephen R. and Telford Sam R., Jr.A new species of Mathevotaenia (Cestoda, Anoplocephalidae, Linstowiinae) from the lizard Sceloporus malachiticus (Squamata, Phrynosomatidae) from Panama 53–57

Šípková Lenka, Levron Céline, Freeman Mark and Scholz TomášSpermiogenesis and spermatozoon of the tapeworm Parabothriocephalus gracilis (Bothriocephalidea): Ultrastructural and cytochemical studies 58–65

Ming Zhu, Zhang Li and Zhang LupingRedescription of Monodontella giraffae Yorke et Maplestone, 1926 (Nematoda, Ancylostomatidae) from giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis, from Zoo in China, with a discussion of the taxonomic status of Monodontella 66–70

Moravec František and Justine Jean-LouSome trichinelloid nematodes from marine fishes off New Caledonia, including description of Pseudocapillaria novaecaledoniensis sp. nov. (Capillariidae) 71–80

Mouritsen Kim N., Hedeholm Rasmus, Schack Henriette B., Moller Lone Nukaaraq, Storr-Paulsen Marie, Dzido Joanna and Rokicki JerzyOccurrence of anisakid nematodes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and Greenland cod (Gadus ogac), West Greenland 81–89



McAllister Chris T., Bursey Charles R. and Freed Paul S.Helminth parasites (Cestoidea, Nematoda, Pentastomida) of selected herpetofauna from Cameroon, West Africa 90–93

Kamani Joshua, Mani Aliyu U., Kumshe Hussaini A., Yidawi James P. and Egwu Godwin O.Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in cats in Maiduguri, Northeastern, Nigeria 94–96


Anvikar Anupkumar R., Singh Dinesh K., Singh Ruchi, Dash Aditya P. and Valecha NaeenaVivax malaria presenting with cerebral malaria and convulsions 96–98

Williams Ernest H., Jr., Bunkley-Williams Lucy and Ebert David A.An accidental attachment of Elthusa raynaudii (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) in Etmopterus sp. (Squaliformes, Etmopteridae) 99–101

Number 2, June 2010


Paperna Illan and Yosef ReuvenDescription of a new species of Haemoproteus (Haemosporidia, Apicomplexa) from an Orange-tufted Sunbird Nectarinia osea 103–107

Vaughan David B. and Chisholm Leslie A.Heterocotyle tokoloshei sp. nov. (Monogenea, Monocotylidae) from the gills of Dasyatis brevicaudata (Dasyatidae) kept in captivity at Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa: Description and notes on treatment 108–114

Kearn Graham C., Whittington Ian D. and Evans-Gowing RichardA new genus and new species of microbothriid monogenean (Platyhelminthes) with a functionally enigmatic reproductive system, parasitic on the skin and mouth lining of the largetooth sawfish, Pristis microdon, in Australia 115–122

Tolstenkov Oleg O., Terenina Nadezhda B., Serbina Elena A. and Gustafsson Margaretha K.S.The spatial relationship between the musculature and the 5-HT and FMRFamide immunoreactivities in cercaria, metacercaria and adult Opisthorchis felineus (Digenea) 123–132

Ming Zhu and Zhang LupingSubulura (Murisubulura) tanjinensis sp. nov. (Nematoda, Subuluroidea) from Eutamias sibiricus (Laxmann) (Rodentia) in Tianjin, China l 133–137

Fazenda Ines, Gasser Robin, Carvalho Luís and Beveridge IanResurrection and redescription of Globocephaloides wallabiae Johnston et Mawson, 1939 (Nematoda, Trichostrongyloidea) from macropodid marsupials in north-eastern Australia 138–143

Moravec FrantišekSome aspects of the taxonomy, biology, possible evolution and biogeography of nematodes of the spirurine genus Rhabdochona Railliet, 1916 (Rhabdochonidae, Thelazioidea) 144–160

Laskowski Zdzisław, Jeżewski Witold and Zdzitowiecki KrzysztofNew data on the occurrence of Acanthocephala in Antarctic Amphipoda 161–166

Suárez-Morales Eduardo, Reyes-Lizama Christian and González-Solís DavidParasitic copepods from reef grunts (Teleostei, Haemulidae) with description of a new species of Lernanthropus (Siphonostomatoida, Lernanthropidae) from the Mexican Caribbean 167–176

Trilles Jean-Paul and Justine Jean-LouElthusa epinepheli sp. nov. (Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae) a branchial parasite of the grouper Epinephelus howlandi (Serranidae, Epinephelinae) from off New Caledonia 177–187

Skoracki Maciej, Michalik Jerzy and Sikora BożenaPrevalence and habitat preference of quill mites (Acari, Syringophilidae) parasitizing forest passerine birds in Poland 188–193

Camilotti Vagner Luis, Graciolli Gustavo, Weber Marcelo M., Arruda Jeferson L. S. and Cáceres Nilton C.Bat flies from the Deciduous Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil: Host-parasite relationships and parasitism rates 194–200

Number 3, September 2010


Dimitrov Dimitar, Zehtindjiev Pavel and Bensch StaffanGenetic diversity of avian blood parasites in SE Europe: Cytochrome b lineages of the genera Plasmodium and Haemoproteus (Haemosporida) from Bulgaria 201-209

Karbowiak Grzegorz, Majláthová Viktória, Hapunik Joanna, Peťko Branislav and Wita IrenaApicomplexan parasites of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in northeastern Poland 210-214

García-Vásquez Adriana, Hansen Haakon, Christison Kevin W., Rubio-Godoy Miquel, Bron James E. and Shinn Andrew P.Gyrodactylids (Gyrodactylidae, Monogenea) infecting Oreochromis niloticus niloticus (L.) and O. mossambicus (Peters) (Cichlidae): A pan-global survey 215-229

Lunaschi Lía I. and Drago Fabiana B.A new species of Petasiger (Digenea, Echinostomatidae) parasitizing Podiceps major and Rollandia rolland (Aves, Podicipedidae) from Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 230-234

Madhavi Rokkam and Lakshmi T. TriveniA new opecoelid trematode, Pseudopecoelus brayi sp. nov. from the shoulderbar soldierfish, Myripristis kuntee off Visakhapatnam coast, Bay of Bengal 235-239

Tkach Vasyl V. and Snyder Scott D.Proctocaecum blairi sp. nov. (Digenea, Cryptogonimidae) from the freshwater crocodile, Crocodylus johnstoni, in Northern Territory, Australia 240-244

Świderski Zdzisław, Bakhoum Abdoulaye J.S., Młocicki Daniel and Miquel JordiUltrastructural studies on egg envelopes surrounding the miracidia of Mediogonimus jourdanei Mas-Coma et Rocamora, 1978 (Digenea, Microphalloidea, Prosthogonimidae) 245-253

Świderski Zdzisław, Gibson David I., Santos Maria Joao and Poddubnaya Larisa G.Ultrastructure of the intrauterine eggs of Didymobothrium rudolphii (Monticelli, 1890) (Cestoda, Spathebothriidea, Acrobothriidae) and its phylogenetic implications 254-269

Del Rosario Robles María, Loudon James E., Kinsella John M., Hunter-Ishikawa Mandala, Miller David S., Sauther Michelle L. and Cuozzo Frank P.Redescription of Lemuricola (Madoxyuris) bauchoti (Nematoda, Oxyuridae) from Lemur catta in Madagascar 270-275

Aguilar-Aguilar Rogelio, Rosas-Valdez Rogelio and Pérez-Ponce de León GerardoRhabdochona ictaluri sp. nov. (Nematoda, Rhabdochonidae) from ictalurid catfishes in Mexico 276-280

De Villalobos Cristina, Salas Liliana, Zanca Fernanda and Atencio AdriánThe occurrence of epibionts of Gordiida (Nematomorpha) in Catamarca, Argentina 281-285


Justine Jean-Lou, Grugeaud Adeline, Keller Florent and Leblanc PhilippeTwo thousand parasites on a single ray: An infection with two species of skin monogeneans on a blotched fantail ray kept in an aquarium 286-290

Castriota Luca, Falautano Manuela, Vivona Pietro and Andaloro FrancoA new locality and host for Pseudione crenulata G.O. Sars, 1898 (Crustacea, Isopoda, Bopyridae) in the Mediterranean 291-295

Number 4, December 2010


Lima Marcos Robalinho, Simpson Lucy, Fecchio Alan and Kyaw Cynthia M.Low prevalence of haemosporidian parasites in the introduced house sparrow (Passer domesticus) in Brazil 297-303

Aguado-Martínez Adriana, Álvarez-García Gema, Schares Gereon, Risco-Castillo Verónica, Fernández-García Aurora, Marugán-Hernández Virginia and Ortega-Mora Luis M.Characterisation of NcGRA7 and NcSAG4 proteins: immunolocalisation and their role in the host cell invasion by Neospora caninum tachyzoites 304-312

Bray Rodney A., Cribb Thomas H. and Justine Jean-LouDiploproctodaeum spp. (Digenea, Lepocreadiidae) in Australian and New Caledonian waters including two new species from Tetraodontiformes and new records of related species 313-326

Miller Terrence L., Bray Rodney A., Justine Jean-Lou and Cribb Thomas H.Varialvus gen. nov. (Digenea, Cryptogonimidae), from species of Lutjanidae (Perciformes) off the Great Barrier Reef, New Caledonia and the Maldives 327-339

Gulyaev Vladimir D., Vasileva Gergana P., Konyaev Sergey V.Redescription of Diporotaenia colymbi Spasskaya, Spassky et Borgarenko, 1971 (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea, Schistotaeniidae) and amended diagnoses of Diporotaenia Spasskaya, Spassky et Borgarenko, 1971 and Diporotaeniinae Ryjikov et Tolkacheva, 1975 340-348

Młocicki Daniel, Świderski Zdzisław, Mackiewicz John S. and Ibraheem Mohammed H.Ultrastructure of intrauterine eggs: Evidence of early ovoviviparity in the caryophyllidean cestode Wenyonia virilis Woodland, 1923 349-358

Moravec František, Bakenhaster Micah and Fajer-Avila Emma JosefinaNew philometrids (Nematoda, Philometridae) from head tissues of two serranid fishes (Epinephelus morio and Mycteroperca microlepis) off Florida, northern Gulf of Mexico 359-368

Ondríková Jarmila, Miklisová Dana, Ribas Alexis and Stanko MichalThe helminth parasites of two sympatric species of the genus Apodemus (Rodentia, Muridae) from south-eastern Slovakia 369-378

Ramdane Zouhir, Trilles Jean-Paul and Ho Ju-sheyCaligus uranoscopi Vaissiere, 1955 (Copepoda, Caligidae), a rare parasitic copepod from Algeria 379-385

Cantatore Delfina M. P. and Timi Juan T.Acanthochondria helicoleni sp. nov. (Copepoda, Chondracanthidae) parasitic on Helicolenus lahillei (Scorpaeniformes, Sebastidae) from Argentinean waters 386-391

Dabert Jacek, Nattress Barry and Labrzycka AnnaAnhemialges bakeri sp. nov. (Analgoidea, Analgidae) – a new species of feather mite from the Common Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita (Passeriformes, Sylviidae) from England 392-398

Mironov Sergey V., Literak Ivan, Capek Miroslav and Koubek PetrNew species of the feather mite subfamily Pterodectinae (Astigmata, Proctophyllodidae) from passerines in Senegal 399-413

Kolarova NevenaA new feather mite species of the subfamily Analginae (Acari, Astigmata, Analgidae) from the Savi's warbler Locustella luscinoides (Aves, Passeriformes) in South Dobrudzha, Bulgaria 414-418


Morgan David L., Tang Danny and Peverell Stirling C.Critically endangered Pristis microdon (Elasmobranchii), as a host for the Indian parasitic copepod, Caligus furcisetifer Redkar, Rangnekar et Murti, 1949 (Siphonostomatoida): new records from northern Australia 419-423