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Volume 64, Number 1 (March 2019)

Redescription of Porrocaecum semiteres(Zeder, 1800) (Nematoda: Ascaridida) from the Song Thrush Turdus philomelos (Passeriformes: Turdidae)

Liang Li, Tomáš Scholz

Pages 1-6

Determination the Subtypes of Blastocystis sp. and Evaluate the Effect of These Subtypes on Pathogenicity

Fatih Cakir, Mutalip Cicek, Ibrahim Halil Yildirim

Pages 7-12

Molecular Detection of Zoonotic Microsporidia in Domestic Cats in Turkey: A Preliminary Study

Didem Pekmezci, Gokmen Zafer Pekmezci, Alparslan Yildirim

Pages 13-18

Simultaneous Occurrence of Borrelia miyamotoi , Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Lato, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Rickettsia helvetica in Ixodes ricinus Ticks in Urban Foci in Bratislava, Slovakia

Tatiana Vaculová, Markéta Derdáková, Eva Špitalská, Radovan Václav

Pages 19-30

Immunological Parameters of the Pomacea lineata Spix, 1827 (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda) Exposed to Schistosoma mansoni Sambon, 1907

Bárbara Brooklyn Timóteo Nascimento Silva, Luiz Carlos Alves

Pages 31-43

Detection and Genotyping Study of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in Sheep and Goats in East-central China

Wen-chao Li, Kai Wang, You-fang Gu

Pages 44-50

Diaphorocleidus machacae n. sp. (Monogenea) Infecting the Gill Lamellae of Brycon guatemalensis (Characiformes: Bryconidae) from the Rio Lacantún Basin in Chiapas, Mexico

Edgar F. Mendoza-Franco, Juan M. Caspeta-Mandujano

Pages 51-56

Molecular Characterization of Chitin Synthase Gene of Demodex canis from Mizoram, India

Gautam Patra, Parthasarathi Behera, Subhamoy Ghosh

Pages 57-62

Amoebicidal and Amoebistatic Effects of Artemisia argyi Methanolic Extracts on Acanthamoeba castellanii Trophozoites and Cysts

Onur Kolören, Zeynep Kolören, Zülal Atli Şekeroğlu, Melek Çolayvaz

Pages 63-70

Four New Species of the Genus Pallisentis (Quadrigyridae, Van Cleave, 1920) from Freshwater Fish in Uttar Pradesh, India

Neelam Kumari Gautam, Pawan Kumar Misra, Anand Murai Saxena

Pages 71-85

New Genus and Two New Species of Chewing Lice from Southeast Asian Trogons (Aves: Trogoniformes), with a Revised Key to the Philopterus -complex

Daniel R. Gustafsson, Lujia Lei, Xingzhi Chu, Fasheng Zou

Pages 86-102

Molecular Phylodiagnosis of Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Encephalitozoon intestinalis in Children with Cancer: Microsporidia in Malignancies as an Emerging Opportunistic Infection

Roghayeh Ghoyounchi, Mahmoud Mahami-Oskouei, Azim Rezamand

Pages 103-111

Evaluation of Fasciola hepatica Infections in Cattle in Northeastern Algeria and the Effects on Both Enzyme and Hepatic Damage, Confirmed by Scanning Electron Microscopy

Amina Taibi, Miriem Aissi, Khaled Harhoura, Safia Zenia, Houria Zait

Pages 112-128

Molecular Genetic Studies on Myxobolus cylindricus and Henneguya mystasi (Myxosporea: Myxobolidae) Infecting Two Indian Fish Species, Channa gachua and Mystus vittatus , Respectively

A. Chaudhary, A. Gupta, U. Goswami, G. Cech, K. Molnár, H. S. Singh

Pages 129-137

Muscular Arrangement and Sclerite Morphology in the Haptor of Tetraonchus monenteron (Monogenea, Dactylogyridea)

Anatoly A. Petrov, Pavel I. Gerasev

Pages 138-147

Detection of Antibodies Against Toxoplasma gondii in Indian Cattle by Recombinant SAG2 Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

Vikrant Sudan, A. K. Tewari, Harkirat Singh

Pages 148-151

Chamomile Methanolic Extract Mitigates Small Bowel Inflammation and ROS Overload Related to the Intestinal Nematodes Infection in Mice

Soumaya Hajaji, Mohamed-Amine Jabri, Dhouha Alimi, Mourad Rekik

Pages 152-161

Investigation of Dientamoeba fragilis Prevalence and Evaluation of Sociodemographic and Clinical Features in Patients with Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Mehmet Aykur, Cansu Calıskan Kurt, Derya Dirim Erdogan

Pages 162-170

Description of a New Species of Rhabdias Stiles and Hassall, 1905 (Nematoda, Rhabdiasidae) in Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Schneider, 1899) from West Bengal, India

Sujan K. Sou, Kanchan K. Sow, Anadi P. Nandi

Pages 171-175

A New Species of the Acanthocephalan Genus Filisoma (Cavisomidae) from Perciform Fishes in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Viviane S. Costa Fernandes, Omar Amin, Juliana N. Borges

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Pages 176-186

Original Paper

Ergasilus tipurus n. sp. (Copepoda: Ergasilidae), A Parasite of Brazilian Amazon Fish Species

Angela Maria Bezerra Varella, Germán Augusto Murrieta Morey

Pages 187-194

Moniliformis cryptosaudi n. sp. (Acanthocephala: Moniliformidae) from the Long-eared Hedgehog Hemiechinus auritus (Gmelin) (Erinaceidae) in Iraq; A Case of Incipient Cryptic Speciation Related to M. saudi in Saudi Arabia

Omar M. Amin, Richard A. Heckmann, Meysam Sharifdini

Pages 195-204

Helminths Associated with Three Physalaemus Species (Anura: Leptodactylidae) from Caatinga Biome, Brazil

Cicero Ricardo de Oliveira, Robson Waldemar Ávila

Pages 205-212

DNA Barcoding Reveals Association of Glossiphoniidae Species on Endangered Freshwater Turtles in Northeast India

Shantanu Kundu, Vikas Kumar, Kaomud Tyagi, Avas Pakrashi

Pages 213-217

Case report

Clinical Case of Respiratory Eucoleosis in a Dog from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Oliver Stevanović, Dejan Vujanić, Miljan Dobrijević, Drago Nedić

Pages 218-221

Volume 64, Number 2 (June 2019)

Euryhaliotrema spp. (Monogenoidea: Dactylogyridae) Parasitic on the Gill Lamellae of Perciform Fishes in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, with the Description of Euryhaliotrema solenophallus sp. nov. from the Silver Moony Monodactylus argenteus (Linnaeus) (Monodactylidae)

Delane C. Kritsky

Pages 223-227

Short Communication

Molecular Characterization of Entamoeba spp. in Wild Taihangshan Macaques ( Macaca mulatta tcheliensis ) in China

Qingxun Zhang, Kongshang Liu, Chengmin Wang, Jing Luo, Jiqi Lu

Pages 228-231

Original Paper

In Vitro Susceptibility to Metronidazole of Tritrichomonas foetus Bovine Isolates from Argentina

María Belén Rivero, Melchor Emilio Luque, Maria Eugenia Abdala

Pages 232-235

A Survey on the Adjuvant Role of Naloxone Alone or Combined with Alum in Vaccination Against Fasciolosis in BALB/c Mice

Hakim Azizi, Hadi Mirzaeei, Amin Bagheri, Ali Bazi, Ali Khamesipour

Pages 236-245

Sarcosporidiosis: An Emerging Disease in Yaks ( Bos grunniens ) on the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau (QTP), China

Kun Li, Houqiang Luo, Khalid Mehmood, Hui Zhang, Muhammad Shahzad

Pages 246-250

The Construction of Full-Length cDNA Library for Otodectes cynotis

Li Hu, Ya-e Zhao, Dong-ling Niu, Rui Yang, Ji-hui Zeng

Pages 251-256

Short Communication

Ethanol Extracts from Thai Plants have Anti- Plasmodium and Anti- Toxoplasma Activities In Vitro

Arpron Leesombun, Sookruetai Boonmasawai, Yoshifumi Nishikawa

Pages 257-261

Research note

Sequence Analysis of the cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Regulatory Subunit-Like Protein From Trypanosoma brucei

Nelson A. Araujo, José Bubis

Pages 262-267

Original Paper

Cryptosporidium parvum -Infected Neonatal Mice Show Gut Microbiota Remodelling Using High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis: Preliminary Results

Mohamed Mammeri, Aurélie Chevillot, Myriam Thomas, Christine Julien

Pages 268-275

Anthelmintic Potential of Cucurbita pepo Seeds on Hymenolepis nana

Anan O. Alhawiti, Fawzia H. Toulah, Majed H. Wakid

Pages 276-281

Description and Phylogenetic Relationships of Pojmanskatrema balcanica n. gen., n. sp. (Digenea: Dicrocoeliidae) from the Eurasian Water Shrew Neomys fodiens (Mammalia: Soricidae) in Bulgaria

Joanna Hildebrand, Vasyl V. Tkach

Pages 282-287

Orygmatobothrium persiense n. sp. (Cestoda: Phyllobothriidea) from the Arabian Smooth-Hound Shark Mustelus mosis (Triakidae) in the Persian Gulf

Fatemeh Ebrahimi Moghadam, Mohammad Haseli

Pages 288-294

First Report on Toxoplasma gondii Seroprevalence in Free-Ranging Pigs in Northeastern China

Qi Li, Si-Yuan Qin, Shuo Li, Peng Peng, Quan Zhao, Hong-Lin Jia

Pages 295-299

Genetic Diversity of Trichomonas Vaginalis Clinical Isolates According to Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis of the 60-kDa Proteinase Gene

Hilda Hernández, Jorge Fraga, Ricardo Marcet, Annia Alba

Pages 300-307

Didymozoids in Muscle of Atlantic Chub Mackerel ( Scomber colias )

Rita Mota, Marianne Alves, Cristina P. Vieira, Jorge Vieira

Pages 308-315

Prevalence, Morphological and Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses of the Rabbit Pinworm, Passalurus ambiguus Rudolphi 1819, in the Domestic Rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus              

Rewaida Abdel-Gaber, Farid Ataya, Dalia Fouad, Mohamed Daoud

Pages 316-330

Isolation and Molecular Identification of Naegleria australiensis in Irrigation Water of Fuerteventura Island, Spain

María Reyes-Batlle, Aitor Rizo-Liendo, Rubén A. Viera-Santana

Pages 331-335

Importance of Parasitological Screening in Extensive Poultry Farming Based on Organic Production

Ilić Tamara, Đondović Novica, Nenadović Katarina, Bogunović Danica

Pages 336-346

The Phylogenetic Position of Spironucleus sp. (Diplomonadida: Hexamitidae) from the Intestine of Chinese Sleeper Perccottus glenii Dybowski, 1877 (Actinopterygii: Odontobutidae)

Natalia Denikina, Ilya Kondratov, Natalia Belkova, Sergey Sokolov

Pages 347-351

Prevalence of Endoparasites in Urban Stray Dogs from Brazil Diagnosed with Leishmania , with Potential for Human Zoonoses

A. M. Saldanha-Elias, M. A. Silva, V. O. Silva, S. L. A. Amorim

Pages 352-359

Mitochondrial Gene Heterogeneity and Population Genetics of Haemaphysalis longicornis (Acari: Ixodidae) in China

Zhong-Bo Li, Yi-Tian Fu, Tian-Yin Cheng, Guo-Min Yao, Qiang-Hong Hou

Pages 360-366

Scolicidal Effects of Chitosan–Curcumin Nanoparticles on the Hydatid Cyst Protoscolices

Sara Napooni, Mahdi Delavari, Mohsen Arbabi, Hossein Barkheh

Pages 367-375

Molecular Genotyping of Giardia duodenalis in Humans in the Andimeshk County, Southwestern Iran

Ehsanallah Mirrezaie, Molouk Beiromvand, Mehdi Tavalla, Ali Teimoori

Pages 376-383

Evaluation of RE and B1 Genes as Targets for Detection of Toxoplasma gondii by Nested PCR in Blood Samples of Patients with Ocular Toxoplasmosis

Bahman Rahimi Esboei, Bahram Kazemi, Mohammad Zarei, Mehdi Mohebali

Pages 384-389

Short Communication

First Molecular Diagnosis of Lophomoniasis: the End of a Controversial Story

Mahdi Fakhar, Maryam Nakhaei, Ali Sharifpour, Hamed Kalani

Pages 390-393

Original Paper

Strongyloides stercoralis in Patients on Corticosteroids Therapy Using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Gelatin Particles Indirect Agglutination Tests: A Diagnostic Approach

Shahira A. Ahmed, Amany El-Moselhy, Amal El-Moammaly

Pages 394-405

Method for the Rapid Fixation of Gastrointestinal Helminths in Small Mammals

Vasyl V. Tkach, Andrew G. Hope, Stephen E. Greiman

Pages 406-410

Case Report

Severe Verminous Pneumonia Caused by Natural Mixed Infection with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus and Angiostrongylus chabaudi in a European Wildcat from Western Balkan Area

Oliver Stevanović, Anastasia Diakou, Simone Morelli, Smiljana Paraš

Pages 411-417

Short Communication

Susceptibility to Various Coccidiostats in the Murine Coccidian Parasite Eimeria krijgsmanni

Kota Inoue, Masashi Tsujio, Makoto Matsubayashi, Ryota Inoue

Pages 418-422

An Additional Asset for the FLOTAC Technique: Detection of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Vegetables

Ingrid Carla do Nascimento Ramos, Rafael Antonio Nascimento Ramos

Pages 423-425


Correction to: Description and Phylogenetic Relationships of Pojmanskatrema balcanica n. gen., n. sp. (Digenea: Dicrocoeliidae) from the Eurasian Water Shrew Neomys fodiens (Mammalia: Soricidae) in Bulgaria

Joanna Hildebrand, Vasyl V. Tkach

Page 426

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Correction to: Strongyloides stercoralis in Patients on Corticosteroids Therapy Using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Gelatin Particles Indirect Agglutination Tests: A Diagnostic Approach

Shahira A. Ahmed, Amany El-Mouselhy, Amal A. El-Moamly

Page 427

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